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Nupro is an All Natural Product that has done Remarkable things for not only my adult boxers, but the pups as well ! It is almost like " a one stop shop !"

Nupro Gold is great for the digestion ,skin , coat , allergies , brain deveopement, and so much more ! It is filled with the nutritional vitamins , minerals , protiens , amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids that just dog food alone doesn't have. I have had everyone who has seen our animals ,say, "Look at the size !" " Look at how soft and full and shiny thier coats are!"What Muscle Tone!, They are so smart! They Look So Beautiful and Healthy!"

I give the pups nupro when they are introduced to puppy food, but the mothers eat it on their food too , so even when the pups are nursing , they get that little " extra " in their milk , so they get a head start before they actually start eating puppy food. They all have done great ! My Stud dogs love it and do great on it as well ! It seems to aid in the fertility in the females also. It is also good for the immune system , and gives a added help for the heart , with the omega 3. It also aids in the help in keeping fleas and ticks off . I just can't say enough about this product , other than I will never own a dog, without NUPRO!

I give samples with every pup that is purchased along with a brochure to read to see exactly what all the benefits Nupro offers. If I didn't truely believe in this product , I would not indorse it on my website! So I challenge you to see for yourself ! You will see a difference ; and so will everyone who sees him/her. And most of all ... Your dog will feel the difference! I'm very glad I found Nupro Gold!

- Mary /Owner/Breeder - Krystal Klear Boxers

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