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     2/7/2020 7:21:52 AM
                "After years of owning dogs, we finally decided to adopt a boxer.|(Something I've wanted for quite awhile.|) At Krystal Klear Boxers, we found the perfect one. We adopted a male and named him Copper. Mary was absolutely a pleasure to work with. She was very honest, personable, and courteous. The facilities were extremely well kept. All of the dogs were clean and happy to see us. I appreciated that both parents are on the premises. I was able to meet and interact with both of them. All her dogs were extremely good natured. After Copper's first visit to the Vet, we were told that he is in perfect health and had a great temperament. Whenever we are ready to adopt another boxer we will certainly be checking to see what Mary has available. "
~ Justin     

     2/5/2020 8:46:22 PM
                "After years of owning other dogs, I |(finally|) adopted our first Boxer from Krystal Klear Boxers. I have waited for years to adopt a Boxer and he is already making our whole family happy. Mary was a pleasure to work with. The facilities are extremely well kept. I appreciated that I was able to meet and interact with both of the parents. We named our little boy Copper. Took him to the vet today and they said he was in perfect health and excellent temperament. Since this is our first Boxer, we want to see how we do with an adult, however, if/when we are ready to adopt another, we will definitely call Mary again. I would definitely recommend this breeder."
~ Justin Smith     

     2/2/2020 11:34:52 AM
                "I want to start of by saying my experience with purchasing a boxer puppy from Mary&Kenny was one I will never forget! She was very nice and knowledgeable about the breed! There Kennels for there dogs really shows the love they have for there fur babies! I was definitely amazed with the set up they have definitely not a back yard breeder, she had both the parents on site and I was able too meet both of them! My kids,wife and I have fallen in love with are new family member! He’s So full of happiness loves my kids as they do him, we just want everyone too know if your looking for a Nice Quality boxer Mary&Kenny are definitely your Breeder! Thanks again Mary&Kenny I will definitely recommend people too y’all"
~ Chris & Stephanie Rodriguez     

     11/27/2019 6:35:50 PM
                " I would highly recommend Krystal Klear Boxers if you are looking for a quality pure bred boxer. Mary is very knowledgeable and has the mother and father on the premises at all times. Her place is very clean and all the dogs were healthy and very friendly. All shots were in order and papers were ready to go with your puppy. No Hassle ! she and Kenny are wonderful breeders and I would never hesitate to give them a try. I love my boxer I got from them !"
~ Gwen Galloway     

     11/27/2019 6:31:57 PM
                " I would highly recommend Krystal Klear Boxers if you are looking for a quality pure bred boxer. Mary is very knowledgeable and has the mother and father on the premises at all times. Her place is very clean and all the dogs were healthy and very friendly. All shots were in order and papers were ready to go with your puppy. No Hassle ! she and Kenny are wonderful breeders and I would never hesitate to give them a try. I love my boxer I got from them !"
~ Gwen Galloway     

     7/9/2019 12:12:12 PM
                " How I found my beautiful boxer puppy. I looked for a reparable breeder with both parents on the property and someone with good knowledge of what I was looking for. I found Krystal Klear Boxers on the web and gave them a call. Mary was exactly who I was looking for. Very knowledgeable didn't feel pressured at all she had everything I was looking for. she took my name and I was on the waiting list. Well I got my puppy and he is beautiful. All paper work was ready he checked out at the Vet. Mary and Kens place was very clean everything was like it is suppose to be. My brother was so impressed we called Mary and went back and got another puppy for him. I would highly recommend Krystal Klear Boxers they have the best temperments two. Thank you, Mary and Ken"
~ Gwen Galloway     

     7/9/2019 12:09:07 PM
                " How I found my beautiful boxer puppy. I looked for a reparable breeder with both parents on the property and someone with good knowledge of what I was looking for. I found Krystal Klear Boxers on the web and gave them a call. Mary was exactly who I was looking for. Very knowledgeable didn't feel pressured at all she had everything I was looking for. she took my name and I was on the waiting list. Well I got my puppy and he is beautiful. All paper work was ready he checked out at the Vet. Mary and Kens place was very clean everything was like it is suppose to be. My brother was so impressed we called Mary and went back and got another puppy for him. I would highly recommend Krystal Klear Boxers they have the best temperments two. Thank you, Mary and Ken"
~ Gwen Galloway     

     7/2/2019 9:27:37 PM
                "We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience with Krystal Klear Boxers and with our sweet new baby, Pearl. From beginning to end, Mary and I kept in contact and she sent updates on our growing girl in the weeks we had to wait until she was ready to be picked up. We immediately knew this was the breeder we were looking for when we came to see their place seeing how healthy and loved their dogs are, and how clean and well-kept the kennels are. It was hard two choose from the two beautiful litters of pups they had, but we knew that no matter which one we picked, that we would be happy with where they came from. We are overjoyed with the newest member of our family. She is so smart, sweet, funny and beautiful, and everyone that has met her has fallen in love. Thanks to Mary and Kenny, we finally found the puppy we’ve been wanting for so long, and we are forever grateful."
~ Annika and Bradley     

     5/29/2019 9:08:49 PM
                "My husband and I are very particular about our babies. As soon as I talked to Mary and heard how much they care for their babies, I knew this was the place! We waited for awhile and we finally got the call our precious pup has arrived!! Krystal Klear Boxers are extremely clean with very happy pups. My husband and I could not be any happier with our “Tequila”. If you are looking for a good quality pup, you can’t go wrong with these guys! Mary went over and beyond to make sure we were happy and kept us involved by sending updates while we waited patiently for the newest addition to our family!!! Thanks Mary, y’all are the best!!"
~ Mark and Michelle Mitchell     

     5/28/2019 11:59:13 AM
                "we bought our beautiful boxers from mary and ken, and he is an absolute love! The vet said he was the cream of the crop, well taken care of and the picture of health! I can tell the minute I spoke to Mary that she was the breeder I was looking for ! Her kennels are immaculate, and the dogs have a great place to run and play and get out of the elements. They truly put the extra effort in their dogs. Thank you for making our experience amazing!"
~ brad     

     5/8/2019 10:34:02 AM
                "We are in the midst of getting ready to add a delightful pup to our family from Mary and Kenny, just 2 more weeks to go!! The whole experience has been great and all of the dogs are so happy & healthy and the kennels are wonderful, the best possible set-up we have ever seen!! So excited and happy to be adding a new boxer pup to our family!!"
~ Trish & Dave Berresford     

     5/7/2019 11:59:16 AM
                "We have been searching for a fawn female boxer and came across Mary's site. After talking to her and hearing how much she cares about her kiddos, Blaine and I set up a meeting to view their puppies and pick our baby girl. I can't tell you enough how amazing their set up is for their dogs. You can definetly see how much they care for their babies and do all they can for them. The demeanor of their boxers is incredible. They are well mannered and full of life! They are very loveable, too!! Just how all boxers should be. We met Diesel, who is daddy to our baby girl. First, I have to say...he is soooo sweet. His kisses and hugs are the best. I left there missing him because he stole my heart. Abby, who is mommy was very caring. She let me check out her puppies and only asked to sniff me and give some kisses. After seeing all the puppies, which by the way are beautiful...we picked our Piper Quinn. We talked with Mary for awhile and knew right then we were family! Looking at their studs and females, you can see how well they are taken care of. Their oldest stud looked and acted like a puppy. He was so full of life and his marking and coat was very healthy looking. Then and there we knew she has healthy blood lines for all her dogs. I'd recommend Krystal Klear Boxers to anyone looking for a boxer. Even their pointers were beautiful!! If you are looking for a reliable breeder and one who takes care of their dogs like family and not just as a breeding home, you have to visit Mary and her husband. You will not be disappointed."
~ Blaine & Shannon     

     11/6/2017 8:27:00 PM
                "In March 2017 we got the absolute best dog ever from Mary and Ken at Krystal Klear. We saw an ad in the newspaper for German Shorthair Pointer puppies and decided to drive out to check out the facility after making an appointment. We hadn't even planned to get a puppy that day but we were so impressed with the kennels and with the gorgeous puppies and dogs on site. We got a female GSP that day and she is absolutely gorgeous, she has the sweetest disposition, she has bonded everyone in our family, and we are so in love with her!! So far she is tracking perfectly in size and qualities. She's an excellent outdoor field dog and she is an even better house dog She's active in the woods but we have a flock of 11 chickens and she has not harmed a single one. GSP's are smart, very easy to train and they want to please. Mary and Ken breed top quality dogs. We love our GSP!"
~ Jen and Jeremy Muller     

     4/23/2017 1:42:00 PM
                "Three weeks ago we adopted the most precious baby girl, Lily. Our first trip to Krystal Klear was impressive. Mary's facility is sparkling clean, her dogs are immaculate, and her openness for us to visit was terrific. We visited three times before bringing Lily home and each time we found the same well-kept family facility. Mary's love and interest in health and grooming is unsurpassed. In our three short weeks with Lily here at home, it is very clear she is highly intelligent with a great temperament. We could not be more pleased."
~ Joe and Patty Elton     

     4/14/2017 2:05:00 PM
                "My family with 2 boys |(9 and 5|) just purchased a boxer girl from Ken and Mary on 4/13/2017. We were so happy we were able to locate an AKC breeder who had parents on site in a clean and well run facility. It was very evident that the breeders had "compassion and love" for doing what they do. We were able to visit the facility and play with our future pup and her parents |(and grandma|). All the boxers on site had excellent temperaments and were well socialized. The dogs all seemed well cared for. Very happy with our AKC Breeder. They were knowledgeable about the breeds they sold and very pleasant to deal with. So glad we went to Krystal Klear Boxers for our new boxer girl. Highly recommend."
~ Art Blanchard     

     10/28/2016 2:24:00 PM
                "We got our sweet and loving german short haired pointer from this family. Ace has been such a great dog. Would definitely get another family pet from them :|)"
~ Carla & Aaron     

     5/22/2016 8:18:00 AM
                "After loosing our precious boy, we were so sad. A friend told us about Krystal Klear !! I called and Left a message and Mary called me right back! After finding out she and Ken were having a litter soon and we were communicating back and forth we went for a visit to see and meet Mary and Ken!! I knew from the minute I stepped out the car ...this was an awesome family! I could tell right away this family truly loved their boxers!!! The facilities were very clean, lots of room, climate controlled! The babies we saw we're absolutely beautiful! We picked one !! Now just waiting to go back and pick up our baby! This was so hard .. But Mary and I kept in touch..she letting me know how they were and what was happening! Then yesterday we picked our new addition up!! Oh happy day !! My daughter got a baby girl as well! We could not be happier with our experience! It was awesome! We now are part of this family forever!! Thank you Mary and Ken for all you do for the loving care you give your babies!! Oh, and by the way they were awesome because they had to bottle feed this litter due to the momma did not have enough milk and due to a c-section! Thank you for all your TLC!"
~ Debbie and Jim Young     

     11/1/2015 12:57:00 PM
                "A++ For Mary & Ken. Loving environment, well kept and climate controlled housing. Absolute dog lovers. We did not get a Boxer from KKB, we purchased a GSP, but the love and care was the same. The entire experience with Mary & Ken was amazing. From picking out Scout to the weekly visits to the final day of taking him home. My wife and I have never been so pleased to deal with a breeder. If I had room we would have been taking home Scouts litter mate |("Tiny"|). Thank you Mary & Ken, for making our household complete again. Jamie, Crystal, Victoria, Kohana and Scout."
~ Gabriel Family     

     10/31/2015 12:48:00 AM
                "Krystal Klear has been such a blessing to our family. We picked up our German Shorthaired Pointer today |(Banjo|), and we could not be any more thankful for Mary and Kenny's kindness in choosing us to adopt one of their pups. Their facilities are clean, warm, and spacious. When I arrived Mary was out taking care of the puppies, and introduced me to all of their amazing dogs. She provided me with all of the paperwork, as well as a bunch of additional information on how to raise a healthy puppy. I will be telling ALL of my friends and family to come meet Mary and Kenny when they are ready for a new addition to their family. Mary and Kenny will always be a part of our family, and I can't wait to visit them again in the future. Thank you so much, David, Ryane, Jonas & Abel Smith"
~ Dave & Ryane Smith     

     10/5/2015 9:24:00 PM
                "I 1st want to say that I've never seen a family do more for there dogs in my life. If you buy a pup your are getting more than just a great pup. Kenny and Marry are a true class act they aren't in this for the money as they could easily sale these pups for 2000$ or more. We LOVE our new boxer he's healthy energetic and everything you would want in a dog. Thank you Kenny and Mary, God bless you both! Jerrold B"
~ Jerrold Brittain     

     7/26/2015 8:25:00 AM
                "WOW!!!!! I'm in love with the most beautiful little girl thanks to Kenny and Mary. I was so impressed with the set up they have for the dogs. So clean.... The Boxers are all so huge and magnificent. Absolutely so very well taken care of. I can't thank you enough for my beautiful baby girl."
~ Trisha Smith     

     3/24/2015 9:18:00 PM
                "We wanna thank y'all |(Krystal Klear Boxers|)for the new addition to our family we really enjoy her and the experience we had there on our visit...great facility for their kids |(dogs|)it was set up with so much love...we are so glad we chose to go there.wonderful people who put a lot of time and love in their dogs,thanks for choosing us, much love... pics coming soon"
~ The Wood Family     

     1/20/2015 12:20:00 PM
                "We had been going back and forth for the past year about getting a Boxer; waiting for the stars to align. The Stars aligned and we found Mary and Ken. Mary responded to all of my questions in a timely manner and sent pictures so that I could see the Boxer before making the trip. Once we arrived to the home of the puppies, we were impressed with the facilities that the Boxers, to include both the mother and father were kept it. Clean with both an inside and outside area for them to be kept in. With the type of weather we have been having, it was reassuring to know that their puppies were kept in an environment that kept them warm. Our new Boxer Puppy has been such a blessing to our family; he is the most loving, snuggly pup I have ever seen. Obviously because he was loved so much from Mary & Ken. I would recommend their Boxers to anyone."
~ The Huggins     

     1/14/2015 11:26:00 AM
                "I just got Hero from Krystal Klear Boxers at the beginning of the year, the whole process was simple and efficient. You could easily tell how much Mary loves dogs and isn't just in it for the money, the Mom and Dad were on sight so i even got to meet them, which is always nice. The pups have awesome living facilities, and i would definitely recommend them."
~ Derrick Spencer     

     1/9/2015 12:20:00 PM
                "We are the new parents of two boxer puppies from Krystal Klear. We were there only to get one puppy but feel in love with both so now we have two new members to our family. We have a female named Ella and a male named Legend. Mary made the experience very pleasant and stress-free. The kennels were clean and the dogs and puppies you could tell were loved and well taken care of. Mary and Ken answered all our questions and provided new information in taking care of our two new puppies. Thanks again Mary for the opportunity in meeting you and bringing such joy into our home. Thanks again. The Journey Family"
~ Journey Family     

     1/3/2015 9:57:00 PM
                "Words can not describe the experience we had with Krystal Klear Boxers. Since the moment we talked to Mary over the phone, we knew our search had stopped. It was FATE! Mary and Ken are awesome and welcomed us with open arms to their home to check out their OUTSTANDING facilities. Their love for the breed and their "kids" is tremendous. Mary was always there for us if we had a question and always kept in touch by sending pics or just giving us updates. Our boy, Ray, is a great addition to our family and such a handsome guy. Most of all, we are blessed to be apart of the Krystal Klear family. Mary and Ken you are the best! Thanks for the great experience and we will be keeping you updated on Ray. God Bless!"
~ Weiss Family     

     12/29/2014 3:41:00 PM
                "We got the perfect puppy from Mary and Ken. I have never had a brindle boxer before now, but when Mary sent the picture of his wonderful face I just melted and knew I just wanted to go get him as soon as possible. The facilities are very clean and all the dogs and pups are loved and cared for by Mary and Ken. This loves shows in the wonderful temperament of the pups. My children wanted to call him Tank, instead we call him Sherman |(the Tank|) cause he is full throttle until he stops and lays down to sleep. Thank you for a great addition to our family. BTW: He had his puppy visit and my Vet loves him. 12.2 lbs."
~ Richard & L:inda Lillis     

     12/28/2014 7:40:00 PM
                "We are proud parents of of a Krystal Klear Boxer and couldn't be happier. Mary and Ken are wonderfully warm and inviting individuals who helped us find the perfect boxer. From the first time I reached out to Mary we seemed to make a connection that included our love for boxers. My girlfriend being a first time dog owner had a lot of questions and all of them were answered by Ken and Mary. We would recommend Krystal Klear Boxers to everyone, no matter the distance from their home in Cumberland, Virginia."
~ Colin Daniels & Bonnie Freitas     

     12/23/2014 7:05:00 PM
                "I just can't say enough about how pleased we were with our entire experience. Mary and Ken have been nothing but welcoming and kind when responding to every email and phone call. On our first visit, we were introduced to the moms and dads as well as the puppies. It was a very enjoyable day. We knew immediately that we had chosen the right kennel. It's very clear that our little guy, Roscoe, |(and his brothers and sisters|) were well cared for in their clean, spacious environment. Roscoe is a bundle of joy - very well-behaved, smart, energetic and full of personality. Thank you, Mary and Ken, for being such top-notch breeders! What a pleasure it has been!"
~ Judi and Jim Blackiston     

     12/5/2014 11:12:00 AM
                "From the moment that I initially contacted Krystal Klear Boxers, I was met with professionalism, expertise and Love for their Boxers. I was encouraged to take the 3 hour drive with my kids to visit our newest family member. Well worth the drive! The professionalism, expertise and Love for the Boxers was now physically visible. My family and I were EXTREMELY grateful at the opportunity to take our time, visit all of the dogs, pick out our new puppy and ask as many questions as we needed to in order to gain a better understanding regarding the personality of a Boxer and how they can be a GREAT addition to our family. We look forward to going back to pick him up and welcome him into our new home! Thank you Krystal Klear Boxers for demonstrating extreme and unprecedented professionalism. I highly recommend Kyrstal Klear Boxers and if we decide that one is just not enough, we will definitely return for number two! God Bless!"
~ The Ford Family     

     6/15/2014 2:20:00 AM
~ Salvatore & Karla Dattolo     

     5/9/2014 3:34:00 PM
                "We are proud to be apart of the Krystal Klear Boxer family. Mary is so warm and welcoming :|)We had fun staying in touch, she would keep us updated and post cute pics of the pups. Our puppy, Charlie, is the biggest sweetheart and cuddlebug and gorgeous!! |(We've nicknamed him pretty boy|). We're looking forward to sharing many fun and happy years together. Thanks again for such a great experience!! XOXO"
~ Frank & Anitra Mackey     

     5/7/2014 10:46:00 AM
                "We just got our Chief from here. I highly recommend anyone wanting a boxer to get them from here. They are wonderful to deal with and I have never seen people take such great care and pride of their dogs as they do. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"
~ Kortney     

     5/3/2014 6:06:00 PM
                "Today we picked up our precious little Duchess! We are so happy to have her join our family. We are proud to join the Krystal Klear family as well. My visit a month ago to meet Mary, Kenny and their "boxer" children was absolutely awesome! It was apparent that each and every dog is unique and special to them and so well cared for. The facility in itself is impressive and I immediately felt comfortable and entrusted that I was getting "top of the line" boxer! Thank you for allowing us to be a part the Krystal Klear family! Looking forward to a visit in the future! The Corsini's"
~ Chris, Tara and Sydney     

     4/30/2014 8:51:00 PM
                "Krystal Klear Boxers are highly recommended!!! We were so impressed with how Krystal Klear Boxers takes such great care of their beloved Boxers. From the first time I spoke with Mary on the phone, I've felt like I had known her forever. Mary and Ken are very friendly and informative. They even let us visit Bailey until we were able to bring her home. We picked up our Bailey today and are very excited. If you want to add a boxer to your family, you will find no other better place. All of their dogs are extremely healthy and loved right from the start. Thank you Mary and Ken!!!!"
~ Derek and Brandy Bernier     

     4/29/2014 9:22:00 PM
                "I am just so impressed with Krystal Klear Boxers. I did extensive research about the boxer breed as well as locating the perfect breeder. I must say I found the best boxer breeders out there. Mary is great to communicate with and responds to any question in a timely fashion. Upon inquiry about my puppy, Mary sent me a picture of her last female fawn and I instantaneously fell in love. I was very excited to meet this puppy and excited about my visit to the facility. I was definitely awed by what Krystal Klear Boxers had to offer for their prospective buyers. The facilities are just phenomenal! Mary and Kenny are very knowledgeable and super friendly. They really do take care of their dogs and treat them as if they were their very own children. The kennels are very well constructed with AC and heat for the dogs. The boxers were all healthy, friendly, and loving. Their facilities are top-notch! I was so thrilled that I was able to pick up my new boxer puppy â??Maggieâ?ť on the day of my visit. I am blown away at how healthy Maggie is and how smooth and soft her coat is. I think this is the sweetest most lovable dog I have ever had. She has stolen my heart and has become the princess of the house. It has been a pleasure to work with Mary and Ken. When I decide to get a playmate for Maggie I will definitely go thru Krystal Klear Boxers again. Thank you Mary and Ken for the great care and love that you provide to your dogs and thank you for my precious Maggie."
~ Christy Coleman     

     4/24/2014 7:59:00 PM
                "I LOVE Krystal Klear Boxers! From the moment I made my first contact with Mary I knew we would be getting our puppy from them. You instantly become like family. Once we met Mary and Ken, we were hooked! They both have such a special connection with all of the dogs and they love the puppies like children. The grounds are beautiful and the facilities for the dogs are amazing - offering both inside and outside areas for them. We love our beautiful, sweet little Layla. She is so full of love and I am convinced that is because she comes from an abundance of love. When we add a new boxer puppy to our family, it will only come from Krystal Klear Boxers!"
~ Robin and Scott     

     4/23/2014 6:29:00 PM
                "Our experience with Krystal Klear Boxers was truly amazing. Ken and Mary were wonderful to work with during the process of picking out the right puppy for our family. The environment was extremely clean, the puppies were well taking care of as well as all of their beautiful boxers. We got to meet both parents of our "Reagan" on site. We also got to make numerous visits to see our puppy with our 5 children before our puppy was ready to leave. Reagan is now 2 years old, 52lbs, playful, protector, and friend to our family. She has had no health problems and is in great shape! I recommend ANYONE who wants a boxer puppy to get your next puppy from Ken and Mary!!!"
~ Becky and Danny LeSueur     

     4/23/2014 5:50:00 PM
                "Our boxer Miley is 4 years old now! She has been a healthy, happy dog. We bought her from Mary back in 2010 and in the 4 years I have always been able to contact Mary with any question I had and she has always responded with advice. If we are ever able to get another boxer, I would definitely get one from Krystal Klear Boxers!"
~ Stephanie Clary     

     9/15/2012 7:55:00 PM
                "From the first email to the day we picked up our puppy |(Blaze|) on 9/8/12, Mary and Ken were great!!!! I could tell from our conversations just how much they LOVE their dogs. When we picked up Blaze they gave us a packet with his paperwork, firstaid kit and all kinds of reading material on how to care for your new puppy. If your looking for a boxer, your search stops HERE!!!!"
~ Daniel and Sheila Wilson     

     9/4/2012 6:11:00 AM
                "I have had the pleasure of working with Mary and Ken in choosing 2 boxer puppies from Krystal Klear Boxers. My first experience was in January 2010, when I picked up my first Boxer, Zoe. At that time, I had been searching for a reputable breeder for nearly a year. Upon arriving at Krystal Clear Boxers, I knew I was in the right place. The facilities were clean and well-maintained, and there was no question that Mary and Ken cared immensely about their dogs and puppies. Zoe is happy, healthy, proud, intelligent and super sweet! When I decided to add a second boxer to the family earlier this year, I could not imagine any other place from which to select a second puppy. I visited Krystal Klear Boxers a couple of weeks ago and picked out another female, Ellie, who will join us later this month. Mary was patient as I made my choice |(itâ??s so hard to pick just one|) and answered all of my questions. Since that time, I have received regular updates and pictures of Ellie. I look forward to her and Zoe meeting and to getting to know Ellieâ??s disposition. Thank you!"
~ Lori B.     

     7/12/2012 9:09:00 PM
                "There is really only one word that sums up my experience with Mary - fate. My husband and I lost our female Boxer suddenly, and practically at the same time, Mary found out one of her females is carrying 10 â?? 12 pups! Tess died on a Sunday afternoon; I found the Krystal Klear Boxer website the next morning |(via the AKC puppy finder page|), and the wonderful ending to this story |(or maybe just the beginning|) is, Mary and I met Monday afternoon and I brought a female puppy home with me to Kearneysville, WV. In this world full of ignorance, neglect, and rejection, and I am writing about people and the dogs they abuse, forget, and ultimately put up for adoption, there is REAL love, and it is at the home of, and in the hearts of, the dogs at Krystal Klear Boxers; it takes no time at all to realize this truth. Mary, you and I have a wonderful future ahead of us, with these incredible dogs in common; I canâ??t thank you enough. Bobbi Miller 07/10/12"
~ Bobbi Miller     

     6/21/2012 6:19:00 PM
                "We have always loved the Boxer breed and decided that it was time to add one to our family. Ken and Mary were excellent to work with when we decided to choose a Krystal Klear Boxer. They invited us to see the temperature controlled buildings, the large fenced-in lots, and the puppy kennels for the dogs. Right away we saw how Ken and Mary treated each dog as if they were their children. All of their dogs were people friendly. We visited our puppy once a week for 6 weeks until we could take him home, and they were very nice about letting us coming each week. It wasn't a bother to them at all. They also made sure we had all the necessary 'new puppy' information, AKC paperwork, shot records, etc. in a nice little packet. Everything is very organized. I have already recommended Krystal Klear Boxers to several friends, and will continue to recommend them. We love our 'Gunner'|(he's such a good little snuggler|)and so does everybody that meets him. We hope to get another puppy from Krystal Klear one day. Keep up the great work! |(And thanks for putting up with us every week, ha,ha|)."
~ David and Candy Clark     

     4/7/2012 4:36:00 PM
                "I have wanted a boxer since I began working with one at a vet hospital over 10 years ago. After a few years of mentioning my desire for one to my husband, he decided to surprise me with a puppy for my birthday this year. He communicated with Mary and Ken about choosing one of their New Year's Day litter from Angel and Ike to bring home to live with us. They were more than willing to go along with the surprise planning. When we drove to Virginia to pick up our little Daisy, I was very impressed with the area the dogs had to live in, the cleanliness, how happy all of the dogs were, and how Mary loved all of her dogs like part of the family. Daisy and her brother and sister had been tube fed when they were babies, so Ken had come home from work several times during the day to make sure they were taken care of - he'd grown so close to the pups that it was very hard for him to say goodbye. Daisy is such a well-mannered and already well-trained puppy. We picked her up at 4 months and she was already poty and crate trained! She sleeps through the night without whining, loves all people, every dog she's met and even our 13-pound cat, Moo - they play like brother and sister! The only time she barks is when she's playing with other animals. I could not have asked for a better experience, a better dog, or a better birthday present! Thank you!"
~ Diana & Tzu Chen     

     3/28/2012 8:20:00 PM
                "Thank you Mary and Kenny for "Cricket". She is a sweetie and we love her dearly. You both did an excellent job with the puppies after their mother died, that is love and dedication.. We love you both! Thanks again!"
~ The Sleeme's     

     3/5/2012 8:27:00 PM
                "We just brought our new baby Boxer girl â??Aliâ?ť home, and we couldnâ??t be happier with our experience with Mary and Ken. We were looking for just the right Boxer to complete our family, but we werenâ??t comfortable with any of the kennels that we visited until we met Mary and saw Krystal Klear Boxersâ?? facilities. All of the dogs are healthy and happy, the kennels and runs are top notch and you could see that Mary and Ken truly feel that each and every dog is part of their family. During the time period between picking Ali out until we brought her to her forever home, Mary kept us well-informed of all aspects of the puppyâ??s well-being. Upon pickup, she also made sure that we had all of the paperwork and information necessary to pass along to our local Veterinarian, puppy care and feeding instructions, as well as the required materials for AKC registration. Finding your perfect dog can sometimes be nerve-wracking, but with Krystal Klear Boxers it was a joyful, reassuring experience."
~ Barry & Mary Stephens     

     3/3/2012 3:47:00 PM
                "We got our boxer puppy, Brutus, from Ken and Mary and couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better puppy. Having never been a boxer owner before Ken and Mary both provided us with valuable information and helpful tips about boxers. Krystal Klear Boxers provide all of their boxers with so much love and you can tell that each of their dogs are like children to them. Ken and Mary allowed us to come and visit Brutus untill he was old enough to come home with us which we loved! They also kept us updated as to when Brutus went to the vet and how much he weighed and it was really nice to feel like a part of that. All of Ken and Mary's boxers are so "people friendly" and absolutely adorable. Brutus has made a perfect fit with us and everyone loves him! He's already so affectionate and playful. Overall we were extremely pleased with how Ken and Mary cared for the puppies as well as how they handled the process with us. I would defiantly recommend Krystal Klear Boxers to anyone and everyone and want to personally thank both Ken and Mary for such a awesome experience and would love to purchase another puppy from them in the future!"
~ Tyler & Casey     

                "Thank you Mary and Kenny for allowing us to purchase the most precious puppy. Your facility is top notch and it's very obvious that you love each and every dog you have as well as every puppy you help bring into the world. When I first emailed Mary about her pups she responded right away and gave me all the information I needed about the puppies without having to ask for it, she even emailed pictures of the new pups. We are brand new to the Boxer breed and I have to say I would absolutely recommend it and Krystal Klear Boxers to anyone who is interested in bringing a puppy into their family. We have had our baby, Nina for 3 weeks and she has been wonderful with our 2 children as well as us, her parents. She is so happy to see us when we come home from work and greets us with her wet kisses. She is a snuggler and loves to fall asleep in our bed every night. I am so glad Nina is a part of our family and everything we read about the Boxer breed is true. Thanks again Mary and Kenny for everything you did and if we decide to get Nina a playmate in the future I will definitely give you a call again."
~ The Mondrey Family     

                "We must first start off by saying that Mary and Kenny are WONDERFUL people! The first time I spoke with Mary on the phone (the day one of her litters was born) it was obvious that she loved her pups like children. Both she and Kenny were up all hours of the night checking on the puppies as well as their mammas. You could tell they were exhausted, but loved every minute of it. We made several visits to their home and they welcomed us (and our 2 children) with open arms. The facility is clean and comfortable and all of their boxers look HAPPY, HEALTHY, and LOVED!!!! We fell in love with each one of them. We have had our "Ruby" with us for 2 weeks now and are having so much fun. She is beautiful and very smart. Best of all, she is wonderful with our children and our 8-year-old boxer. We recommend Krystal Klear Boxers to anyone!!! Thanks Mary and Kenny for all that you did for us!!"
~ Eric & Emily Robertson     

                "We have been boxer owners for quite some time and would undoubtedly recommend Krystal Klear Boxers to anyone considering getting a boxer. Mary and Kenny Hallock are outstanding breeders and do a wonderful job in ensuring their adult dogs as well as their litters are loved and very well taken care of. Their facilities are spacious, extremely sanitary, and we really appreciated the fact that they were open to us visiting our puppy from the time he was born until we took him home. The Hallocks clearly are in this business for the love of the breed, and we are truly grateful for our new puppy, Wilson."
~ Mike and Donna Hurd     

                "We have had our boxer Hennessy for just over a week, and she is such a great puppy. Before picking Hennessy up, I contacted Mary and she sent me pictures, and kept in touch with us until we were able to meet her in person. Hennessy was as much of a love as Mary said. Once at the facility, Mary and Kenny were both very welcoming. We were able to meet all of their boxers including Hennessy's parents, which I think is so important when picking a puppy. They were all social and sweet dogs. I would recommend Krystal Klear Boxers to anyone, it is a clean, spacious facility with great dogs and adorable puppies. Thank you both, we look forward to many many years with Hennessy."
~ Michele     

                "Thanks Mary for such a wonderful puppy! I would recommend Krystal Klear boxers to anyone looking for a boxer! Great facility, clean and great looking pups! Mary is very helpful and caring, I could not have picked a better place to get my puppy. It is nice knowing a breeder who cares so much about her puppies and customers. And to know she will always be there if I have any questions! Thanks for spending so much time with us when we came to get our pup! Even though you were late for your appointment! Miley and I will keep in touch!"
~ Stephanie Clary     

                "We've had our puppy Frida home for five weeks now. She's healthy, loves us, and is as clever as they come. On our first trip to Krystal Klear it was evident that Mary and Kenny love their dogs. They also gave us a terrific experience as customers picking out our pup, letting us visit her as she grew, and keeping up with us after we took her home. We'd recommend Krystal Klear to anyone looking for a Boxer or a good family dog."
~ Frederick & Julia     

                "We struck it rich when we found Krystal Klear Boxers! We selected Krystal Klear after EXTENSIVE research and the proof is in the pudding...we ended up with a wonderful, sweet, healthy puppy at a fair price. The facility is neat and clean and the dogs are very well cared for. Thank you Ken and Mary for all of your help and for putting so much care into your animals! We'll stay in touch and send you lots of pictures of Sarah!"
~ The Kegley Family     

                "I had been looking for a boxer puppy for a little while now and I came across the ad for Krystal Klear boxer's in the Richmond Times. So I contacted them and set up a time to go out and see the little pups. Their facility is amazing, the dogs are gorgeous and Mary and Kenny are great people. I've had Bones now for almost a month and he is a GREAT addition to our family. I love him to pieces. I'm so glad that my family went to Krystal Klear boxers for him."
~ Jessica Kennedy     

                "We picked up Bayard a week and a half ago and couldn't be happier. He's healthy, beautiful and smart as a whip. Plus, he's the best one! Mary and the human Kenny are great folks who have great puppies!"
~ Paula Davidson     

                "Mary is the nicest and most caring breeder you could ever find. She opened up her home and animals to us. The dogs are loved and all treated like they are the children of the family, they even have A/C. I have nothing but great things to say about Krystal Klear Boxers there is no better place for you to add an amazing addition to your family. Piston now makes my little family complete and i couldn't be happier. Mary has the best boxers around, they are gorgeous, strong, smart and the most loving dogs you will ever meet. If you want a dog you want one from Mary!"
~ The Gregory's     

                "We just added our new Boxer baby, Percy, to our family. He is absolutely beautiful. He loves his new family and thinks he is a lap dog. Krystal Klear Boxers was a great start for our newest addition. You can tell that he was socialized and well loved before he came to us. To quote our vet, "he's a keeper". Thanks Mary and Kenny!!"
~ The Hammel Family     

                "I just got a puppy (Leo) from Krystal Klear Boxers and he is only 8 weeks old and I'm totally in love with him. Mary, one of the owners, is the nicest person you will ever want to meet. When I first talked to her on the phone I knew how much she loves boxers and then when I finally meet her I definitely knew how much she cares for this breed of dog. Her place was absolutely clean and spacious. All her dogs were very friendly and healthy. We currently have a 3 year old boxer and now a little one which makes our family complete. Thank you Mary and Kenny for such a wonderful experience in purchasing a dog. I look forward to seeing other litters from your boys and girls. Take care and hope to see you soon."
~ Michele Garrett     

                "May I tell you that Mark and I are totally and completely IN LOVE with our new puppy ! I think this was fate, just starting with an ad in the paper. We have visited our vet with our new "little Girl" and was met with lots of positive feedback on her health and appearance. She is always full of spirit and playful , napping in the arms of whatever family member can get their hands on her ! Thank you so much for opening your home tous and allowing us to meet Stella's family. We are sooo happy to have her and we promise to love and spoil her every day , the way you do. I'll send pics on her progress. Good Luck and Best wishes with your next litter! You definately made our family complete !"
~ Debi Morello     

                "Hello my name is Melissa Bowen and I purchased a Boxer dog through Krystal Klear Boxers. My sister was the one actually looking for a boxer at the time but when I saw those puppies I just had to have one. They all looked really really healthy and there coats shined like the sun! Beautiful dogs they still are! They are very well mannerd and good listeners, so you have to believe that those character traits came from there parents because there parents are just as beautiful and well mannered. The nice part about the kennel is that it's out in the country and they can let the dogs and puppies out to roam for a little while, while being watched. I would definatly recommend getting a dog from Krystal Klear Boxers because the dogs are well taken care of and they are just wonderful people!"
~ Melissa Bowen     

                "The boys were so excited when they found out that we were not puppy sitting but that Tyson would be theirs forever. Tyson has been such a wonderful addition to our family. When we decided to get a boxer, we were thrilled to see your ad in the paper. After meeting you and the puppies, we knew you were the breeder for us. The love that you show your dogs and the cleanliness of their environment made us very comfortable. When we got Tyson's ears cropped, the vet commented on what a good looking dog he was. When we got his last round of shots here where we live, the vet made the same comment. Tyson is healthy and happy, and quite a looker too ;) He is awesome with our kids and their friends and he loves going to the park to run around. He plays hard and sleeps hard (yes, he snores). Tyson is most comfortable curled up next to someone and often shares a seat or the bed. He is very smart, to the point of it being comical. When it is time to eat, he sits at the garage door because he knows that's where his food is stored. When Robert comes home, he knows it's time to go to the park, he knows to sit for a treat and if we are not quick to reward, he will go through his repertoire trying to show off. Although he has not done many "bad" things, when he needs a little reprimand, he knows how to work the charm too with those big eyes and sweet face of his. My boys want me to tell you that they love him. We have had several dogs and have loved them all but there does seem to be something a little extra special about Tyson."
~ Cynthia Liverpool     

                "Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had in adopting our boxer baby Carly! From the first visit we were so impressed by the facility, the cleanliness, the obvious love and affection you both give the dogs. We knew right away that yours was the facility where we wanted to get our pup. The experience was wonderful - from seeing the babies at 4 weeks old to the many visits until adoption day, you both were wonderful in allowing us so many visits to get to know Carly and allow the kids to spend time with all the puppies. Carly is a beautiful, friendly, smart little girl and we know a lot of that has to do with her breeding and the care you put into the adult dogs and puppies. Beyond the purchasing process, your friendship and checking in on Carly really talks to your love of the breed and your "babies". Thank you again for the wonderful experience!"
~ Matt and Cindy     

                "The temperature controlled facilities at Krystal Klear Boxers are the best I have seen. The spacious excercise yard and overall attention to detail and care that is given to their Boxers, in my opinion, is second to none. I have received numerous compliments on the quality of my pup."
~ Ed Beavers     


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